Cassandra Comrie

About Cassandra Comrie

Let us create a Legacy together

“My bread and sweet, your butter”

Cassandra was unequivocally groomed for the real estate market place, at age thirteen she oversaw and managed her father’s rental properties and even at that young age her authentic persona beautifully balanced both managing her father’s business and maintaining great relationships with her affable smile and attentiveness.

Years later after migrating to the United States she quickly conceptualize that despite your geographical location the Real Estate market is an enviable vehicle in achieving wealth personally or from an investment stand point.

Moving to the Atlanta area in 2001 became the nestling to further achieving her personal goals of achieving business acumens, firstly a restaurant owner and operator, then real estate investments her devout passion for people in general and learned skills that afforded the expert and seamless roles in becoming successful in her various roles, but it was her call to duty as a mother and wife that gave her the most joy, that a hiatus to taken to raise her growing family. Cassandra still kept her connection with people through volunteering with various organizations and commandeering a successful Book Club.

Cassandra enjoys living organically mind, body and spirit through fusing and pairing different herbs and spices for wellness as well as cooking she’s an avid house hunter, enjoys landscaping, home designs and event planning, she throws a mean garden party.

With her children now grown and successfully celebrating over thirty years of marriage, she brings her wealth of experiences, time and work ethics to the Real Estate market place again in pursuit of facilitating the dream of home ownership, real estate investing one person at a time for future generational wealth.

The strictly organic Realtor at your service.

DIRECT: 678-776-9047